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About Us

Looking to skyrocket
your AI and Web3.0 development?

Whether you're looking to explore NFT drops, delve into the world of Metaverse, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, develop and implement ERC 721 tokens, leverage sandbox environments, harness the power of artificial intelligence, embrace augmented reality/virtual reality, optimize your digital strategy, or create exceptional mobile/web applications, IQ TechMax is your trusted partner in navigating the exciting landscape of Artificial Intelligence and Web3.0 technologies.

100+ happy clients.

Collaborative Mindset.

Innovative Thinking / Creative Solution Finding

10+ years of experience

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Collaborative Experts Behind Every Innovative Solution

Discover the collaborative experts behind every innovative solution at our Artificial Intelligence and Web3 company. With a diverse blend of creativity and expertise, our team is dedicated to transforming ideas into remarkable digital experiences, driving success for our clients worldwide

Prashanth Gandhidoss

CEO and Founder

Deepak Singh


Ramkumar Ashokan


Why Choose Us

Core Values: Guiding Our Journey

Rooted in our core values, we champion sensible, flexible, and innovative thinking, coupled with a collaborative mindset. We thrive on creative solution-finding, leveraging diverse perspectives to craft bespoke strategies. Our commitment lies in delivering exceptional results that resonate with our clients' unique needs, driving mutual success and growth

Strategy and Creativity

We're fueled by innovation, pioneering fresh solutions in every project. With a spirit of exploration, we challenge norms, shaping technology's future. Our team thrives on pushing boundaries, redefining the status quo through relentless experimentation. Join us in shaping tomorrow's digital landscape.

Quick and Agile

At our core, we embody creative problem-solving. Challenges ignite our ingenuity. With a diverse perspective, we approach problems from all angles, blending creativity with analytical rigor. Our bespoke solutions defy convention, inspiring awe and delivering innovation. Join us in shaping the future with our pioneering mindset.

We are Elitists

Our success hinges on collaboration. We blend diverse minds to unleash collective genius. In our collaborative culture, ideas thrive, boundaries blur, and innovation flourishes. Through teamwork and open communication, we harness synergy's power for extraordinary client outcomes. Together, we forge lasting partnerships and futures


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