Application Development

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1. Android and IOS App Development:

At IQ TechMax, we believe in helping you achieve your business goals. Work with us to build beautiful and scalable mobile applications with top performance using Java and Kotlin programming languages and more. Our methodology is simple: Combine business objectives, and technological solutions in a smart way to achieve better results! To create a competitive app in 2020 nowadays, having an iOS version has become a must. With this in mind, at IQ TechMax, we research and implement the best technology to meet the needs of our customers.

a. React Native Development:

We define and deliver products with impeccable quality and efficiency with a framework that handles multiple platforms with finesse. Our react native development elevates the performance of mobile territory by modular and intuitive architecture.


We follow Agile development to ensure that development is highly iterative and incremental. To give you the best output with high efficiency we deliver continuous and faster release cycles, so you get quicker output at a higher efficiency.


Combines smoothly with components written in Objective-C, Java, or Swift.


Reload app instantly and run new code while retaining the application state

b. Hybrid Development:

Our hybrid app development combines elements of native and web applications. We build applications to take user experience to an entirely new standard

Cross- platform:

Cross-platform mobile application development provides the user experience and functionality of native apps with the multi-platform compatibility of mobile web apps.


Agile hybrid development methodology and rigorous quality testing to ensure that it works well on all the popular platforms.


Continuous and timely sync between devices and apps to get actionable information at all times.

2. Web App Development:

We do web applications and custom web solutions. To us, each web project is a new experience; the main objective is the creation of websites with neat, compatible, ergonomic designs – administrable, SEO optimized, and are as simplified as possible.

Content Management System:

IQ TechMax specializes in CMS solutions that make site changes/updates a breeze without the requirement of any technical know-how. All the text, images, products, internal links and more remain under your control, making the way you run your business smoother and more efficient. From off-the-shelf CMS solutions to completely customized offerings, we can develop solutions tailored to your requirements. Be it solutions with the simplest user interfaces or ones that call for complex integration with your pre-existing systems, we can do it all with expertise and at a competitive price

E-Commerce Development:

We create e-commerce solutions that are designed with the best of usability, security and scalability. Simply stated, we can provide you with an e-commerce site that is built to sell better. In fact, most e-commerce sites are developed in a manner which makes indexing and ranking by search engines difficult. We assure e-commerce sites which are developed in accordance with search engine best practices.

Custom Software Development:

IQ TechMax assures a solution which is as unique as your requirement. We love getting into the minutest details to understand and deliver a website which is completely in keeping with your project specifics

  • Helps you stand apart in a crowded internet space
  • Guided by search engine best practices
  • Mobile Easy Websites
  • User Friendly Interface